Ni Noir Ni Blanc, que de la couleur.
Sans fioritures, sans concession,
Amrit Kumar et Mriga Kapadiya
n’ont pas voulu choisir le ton de leur ligne de vêtement.






Their collections are a beautiful and colourful compromise between modern and traditional. The pair combine indian patterns and play a mix and match game with traditional indian cuts like the “Ali baba” pants or sari pieces revisited.

“Appreciating the past, questioning the present and creating for the future.” – // NorBlack NorWhite //

The highly artistic duet raised in Toronto decided to move to Bombay in 2009 to explore their Indian roots. Each collection is an inspiration of their travels around the country, their discovery ancient art, discovering different traditions and collaborating with artisans…

From Queen Latifah to Rekha, from reggae to Asha Puthli, their designs is clearly the merge of cultures. The very interesting aesthetics of NorBlack NorWhite has obviously already been noticed in the fashion industry. Last spring, ADIDAS was wearing the label colours in its campaign featuring artists Johanna Tagada and Jatinder Singh Durhailay.

“Partly an anthropological experiment, part art and part fashion”, NORBLACK NORWHITE is more than a label, it’s a beautiful tribute to India.

Nor Black Nor White, only colour.
With No frills, nor compromise,
Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya
decided not to choose for their clothing line.


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