Nataal, conversation with Helen Jennings









This Hair Of Mine, a series by Cyndia Harvey presented by Nataal Media at The AKAA fair, Paris






As Nataal’s special project at AKAA by photographer Andrew Dosumnu

A beautiful collection of photographs, of films and portraits of artists met throughout their journey. Innovative and authentic people with that same mojo, that same drive, that same « resurgence » of cultural affirmation. With names like Andrew Dosunmu, Chris Saunders, Cyndia Harvey, Namsa Leuba… Names resonating like an echo that we recognize like the trace of an awakening dream.




A province of South Africa that was created in 1994 when the Zulu bantustan of KwaZulu (“Place of the Zulu” in Zulu) and Natal Province were merged. It is located in the southeast of the country.



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