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etumba ya ba sombo


” la guerre des cochons “


an editorial by Prisca M. Monnier & Catia Mota Da Cruz
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Fly In The Milk

from the 21st Of April to the 31st of August | Bremen Airport
from the 13th to the 31st of May | Bremen Theater, at the Schwankhalle, Theater of Leibnizplatz
Bremen, Germany

April 2018 – Bremen, Germany

With their photographic scenarios, the two artists and magazine editors of
BlackAttitude present reversals of common clichés about the African continent and
images of surprising cross-cultural combinations. As contemporary, as aware of the
value of traditional heritage, Prisca M. Monnier and Catia Mota Da Cruz express their
conviction and position with their pictures: Cultural histories and everyday life meet in
a visual vocabulary that portrays their vivid and aesthetical attitude with social
exclamation marks. Included in the exhibition are also photographs of the series “The
Moroccans” by the early deceased artist Leila Alaoui – as a tribute to her work and
the vision the BlackAttitude Duo shared with her.
written by A N K E E U L E R – StepText

Much gratitude to

Steptext Dance project for inviting us under the scope of the Africtions Festival
The Bremen Airport, The Bremen Theatre and The City of Bremen for having us!
And the Leila Alaoui’s family for allowing us to share her work


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